Behavioral Management

On this prac at Concordia behavioral management has been the least of my concerns. I would say close to 98% of the students are exceptionally well behaved with a few students slightly misbehaving. The school is big on behavioral management alluding me to websites such as the essential skills for classroom management found at or … More Behavioral Management

Meeting Student Needs

How did the teacher meet student special needs (low and achievers)? As this particular task could be performed by able body students there was little need for consideration of special needs students in performing the task, however, extra explaining of the techniques used in the task had to be explained one on one with the … More Meeting Student Needs

Classroom Observations

How does teacher monitor student behaviour? The teachers monitored student behaviour by visually scanning the group; as the group was quite large there were 4 teachers monitoring behaviour including, the two in charge teachers a supply teacher and myself. The group was sat down when the teacher was explaining the task as this gave every … More Classroom Observations

Lesson Plan #2

    TOUCH FOOTBALL – Concordia College                                                                   Date: 5/10/16 Class/Year level: 8       Where:   Oval  Courts Multipurpose centre    Classroom    Undercover area                 Other______________________________________     Equipment  and resources   Whistle, markers, sashes   Activity one: Introduction/Callisthenic & Dynamic Warm-up Organisation: Students line up on a horizontal line and follow teacher … More Lesson Plan #2


In the next couple of weeks of my prac my goal is gain a greater understanding of the finer details of teaching. At university for instance that don’t teach us how to mark? My mentor has said to me that i’ll be allowed to do some practice marking on some grade 11 papers. My marks … More Marking


Tomorrow i’ll be leaving on an excursion with the school to Oktoberfest in Brisbane. Grades 7 and 8’s will be making the trip. The idea behind the trip is for the students to gain some knowledge and understanding of German culture through hands on experience. I’ve been told that the school attends the event annually … More Oktoberfest


I’m officially halfway through my prac. I feel i’ve settled in quite nicely. It seems to be a theme with all my prac’s, you get comfortable with staff and other students then its time to leave. One of the hardest things about prac’s and the PE environment is not knowing your student’s names. Not to … More Halfway

Day 3

Day 3 i had a full teaching load for the day. We had a few staff away with illness which meant i would be taking some of those classes. I felt that my mentor had confidence in my ability to teach a class which is why i got to take some classes supervised by a … More Day 3